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North Korea: first steps towards peace...from a position of reliable defense
Who benefits from the escalation of tension around North Korea?
Noncompetitive competition
Medvedev: Unification of the Moscow-Beijing road map for the DPRK and the SCO's assistance will be effective
Pyongyang asks Moscow to help in overcoming the crisis on the Korean peninsula
The State Duma noted that North Korea is ready to live under sanctions for another hundred years
Syrian Army Secures Deir Ez-Zor Airfield
Russia Calls on US to Give Up On Limiting Military Contacts With Moscow
UN Peacekeepers in Ukraine May Have Small Arms
South Korea declared the exclusively defensive nature of the exercises with the US
Seoul called the words of Pyongyang a bluff about creating a full-fledged nuclear arsenal
South Korea and the United States begin military exercises over the Korean Peninsula
Malorossiya State Initiative Premature
Tillerson Develops New Ties With Russia
Dodon Confident in Moldova Becoming EAEU Observer
Uzbekistan to Host Joint Military Drills With Russia in October
Interaction Within SCO, BRICS Example of Interstate Relations
Astana Talks Plenary Session Planned on July 5
Russia Turning Its Back on US Dollar
Russia, Japan Joint Economic Projects in Southern Kurils
Third Parties Must Not Interfere in EU-Russia Energy Cooperation
Rosatom Sees No Issues in Nuclear Cooperation With EU
Minsk May Receive Russian 800 Bln Dollar Loan
EAEU and China Could Sign Deal in 2018
Swedes Disturbed by Neo-Nazi March Near Synagogue
Russia Offers US Assistance in Dealing With Hurricane Irma Aftermath
Japan Expands Economic Sanctions Against North Korea
Putin Congratulates Belarusian Leader With Independence Day
Moscow Open for Dialogue With US on Ukraine
German Minister Refused to Wear Burka in Saudi Arabia
Russian Arms Sold to Over 50 Countries Worth Billions
Russia Maintains 98 Military Deals Despite Sanctions
Fake Reports of Russian Hackers Behind Qatar Crisis
Ambassador hopes Russia delivers S-300 missile system to Iran by year end Military & Defense
The Venezuelan Minister called on fellow citizens to give up Facebook
Snowden: Stuxnet virus on Iran was unleashed by Israel and the U.S.
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