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Washington betrayed Kurds. Who's next?

A short story of how the USA has been betraying its allies

Washington betrayed Kurds. Who's next?

"The USA, which has been the closest ally of the Kurds for the past few years, has abandoned and in fact betrayed the Kurds. They have preferred leaving the Kurds on the border and nearly forcing them to fight the Turks," Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

Actually, the world has witnessed recently that US President Donald Trump betrayed its ally in the Middle East, the Syrian Kurds who helped the Americans to fight against the ISIL (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Trump announced, as usual on Twitter, that the Americans would be fighting only where the USA had its interests and only in order to win. The Americans failed to secure victory in Syria and left the country with disgrace. Washington not only betrayed the Kurds, but it is also threatening to impose sanctions on its NATO ally, Turkey, promising to destroy its economy.

It is worth noting that in March 2016, James Carden, a contributing editor of The National journal and former US Department of State official, warned the Kurds that America would need them until Washington needed them to combat the ISIL and later to counter Bashar al-Assad. But as soon as the situation in Syria started to normalize, the USA would simply refuse from their services. Carden suggested that "the Kurds shouldn't accept much from Washington and its coalition "allies" for their pivotal contribution in the war against ISIS." Today, it is clear that Carden was absolutely right. However, the Kurds didn't listen to his warning and paid a high price for that.

The sad example of the Kurds should serve a lesson for the countries in the post-Soviet space, primarily Ukraine and Georgia that consider the USA not even an ally but the "master" capable of protecting them from the "Russian threat". It is worth mentioning the way Trump explained the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. In particular, he said that the USA would fight only where there was its interest and would "end endless wars."

It is for sure that Ukraine and Georgia are unlikely to be the home of the real, not false, American interests and the USA is ready to "defeat" on the Ukrainian and Georgian territory such a strong opponent as Russia. This would contradict well-known ideas of President Trump on international security: "everything must pay off," "enough of supporting others," and "what do all these peoples' aspirations for sovereignty means, let them finally understand that the world is governed by the rules of business and the law of strongest." That is what politicians in Kiev and Tbilisi should keep in mind and pin no hopes on Washington's assistance, as the USA can betray them at any moment, just as it did with the Kurds. And there are many similar examples in the US history, and here are just some of them.

Let's start with the Vietnam War, which actually broke the USA from inside and formed the so-called Vietnam syndrome. Oppression of people and the abolishment of local self-government resulted in a partisan uprising in South Vietnam. South Vietnamese authorities supported by the Americans oppressed local population. It later came clear that South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem wouldn't be able to fulfill the order of his American masters to destroy his own people. Washington made a very simple move. It organized a military coup and just dumped Ngo Dinh Diem.

Later on, the world has witnessed the USA consistently and systematically destroying the world order that it was building recently. This includes the withdrawal from arms limitation treaties, the actual betrayal of the leaders and regimes allied with Washington, such as Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. This also has to deal with open pressure on NATO allies to make them provide more funds to the NATO army promising in return the protection from external enemies under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. However, allies are not completely sure that the USA is ready to fight for them, as Article 5 is not enough, because the US Congress must approve of a military invasion in a foreign country. And it is far from being given that American legislators will give their consent. So, it's likely that US allies in NATO, primarily in Europe, need to be ready for such developments and take care of their defense themselves.

It is worth noting that Washington has recently openly discarded WTO norms and rules and not only imposed sanctions on Russia but also waged a real war of tariffs and duties on China. And some closest American allies, such as Canada, suffered from the new duties.

The USA's attitude to its main ally in Asia, Japan, is far from being the best, too. Washington is constantly "twisting arms" of Tokyo intimidating it with the Chinese and North Korean threats and making it obey the White House. At the same time, the USA covers itself with the US-Japanese Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security of 1960 under which Washington got the right to deploy armed forces and military bases on the Japanese territory. However, Bloomberg has recently reported that President Trump was thinking of withdrawing from the treaty, leaving Tokyo alone in take care of its security. Just look at what kind of an ally Japan has...

One may question why the USA is destroying their allies' confidence in it and give reasons for doubts? In fact, there is nothing strange about it. Washington is pursuing the policy it considers necessary in each particular case and time. Given this, it's not odd that the USA, especially under President Trump, have begun to dump their allies more often. It does it as soon as the goal is reached or, vice versa, as it happened in Syria encountered serious confrontation. This is very intrinsic of the USA.

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