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US: not by oil alone...

Washington has big plans beyond the Euphrates

US: not by oil alone...

The Pentagon has recently warned that the United States will repel any attempt to take Syria's oilfields away with "overwhelming force" whether the challenger is Islamic State or forces backed by Russia or Syria.

United States secretary of defense Mark Esper noted that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) relied on that oil income to fund its fighters, including the ones guarding prisons that hold captured ISIL soldiers. That is why it is the mission of the US to secure the oilfields in Syria.

"We want to make sure that SDF does have access to resources in order to guard the prisons, in order to arm their own troops, in order to assist us with the defeat-ISIS mission," Esper said.

It is true what they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Yankees still cannot stop providing unasked assistance to “the poor and oppressed.” By any means but only for the sake of its own narrow national interests.     

Let’s face it – the current head of the White House did not please the ruling financial American elite and they want to throw him away from the Capitol Hill by any means.

However, they fail to really “get their claws” into him: the economic policy of the current US administration is almost flawless. It is foreign policy may become a weak spot. In particular – in the Middle East and in Syria, to be more precise.

Opponents accused Trump of the defeat in that Arab country saying that Moscow managed to outplay Washington, which shamelessly betrayed its Syrian allies - the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG). They claim that Trump pushed Turkey into the arms of Russia. The US President is accused of inconsistency: as if the right hand does not know, what the left one is up to.

In my opinion, everything is precisely the opposite and I will try to explain it using the example of Syria.

The Pentagon spent several hundred million dollars to form a 40,000-strong army of Syrian Kurds and used it to "clean up” northeast Syria from the Islamic State (ISIS, a Muslim international terrorist group outlawed in Russia). Washington knew from the start that equipping Kurdish YPG units, which are the core of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), would cause resentment of Ankara. At the same time Washington was quite justifiably confident that Turkey was and will remain a faithful member and ally of NATO, despite the rhetoric of Recep Erdogan, which is sometimes strongly anti-American.

As for the Kurds, Washington also sees them as a possible potential threat to Ankara’s security, especially the way they are now: organized, highly motivated and well-armed. However, over the past five years, the Pentagon has “tamed” the Kurds, making them believe that they can achieve national independence from the Syrian state.

It is quite natural that the Americans have to keep their alliance with Syrian Kurds and at the same time to please Turks. In December 2018, the Pentagon announced the pull out of US troops from the northern regions of Syria, giving Turkey a green light to conduct a military operation against the Syrian Kurds. At the same time, Washington continued to arm Kurds, despite the fierce protests of Ankara.

For almost a year, the Pentagon pulled out its military from northern Syria, giving an opportunity to its Kurdish allies to covertly and on a routine basis carry out the withdrawal of the military equipment that was in service with the SDF (tanks, various artillery systems, mortars, armored vehicles, communications, and more). Away from the border with Turkey, they built and equipped storage facilities for a huge arsenal of ammunition and military equipment. That area is rich in hydrocarbon fuels, water and its soil is suitable for agriculture.

Just two days after the US announced that the withdrawal of American soldiers from Syria was completed, Americans returned to that country.

Knowing the Yankees' free and easy approach (to put it mildly), few people will believe the tale about their intention to continue the fight against IS or to guard prisons with terrorists ... The main goal is to maintain and strengthen the military infrastructure of the Syrian Kurds, to prevent the restoration of the country's territorial unity and sovereignty. The second is to become a powerful counterweight to Russia in Syria and the region. In this situation, even Iran recedes into the background.

Trump knows how to count money. Being a businessman through and through, he was frankly indignant that huge funds were spent from the US budget on the American military presence in the Middle East without proper results. However, unlike other states of the region, Syria has oil and natural gas reserves and the money raised from their sale should maintain the US military and their allies. The territory adjacent to the oil fields can be turned into a huge military base. Naturally, this can be down under the pretext of "fighting against terrorists in Syria and neighboring Iraq."

The situation in modern Mesopotamia is depressing: Iraq is being torn apart by internal religious conflicts, heated from the outside. A new “Arab revolution” is brewing in the country, while the “fears” of the US and Israel about the possibility of using Iraq in the interests of Iran’s penetration into Syria and further into Lebanon are gradually dropping out of view. But it is also dangerous for the Americans to remain in Iraq in this situation. There it may hurt really bad. It’s better to move to Syria.

You cannot find a better place than that! Turkey, as a loyal NATO member, will ensure the security of the US-Kurdish enclave in the north. To make it possible, it is necessary to "convince" the Syrian Kurds to live in peace with Ankara. In the east, on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan: no one is threatening. In the south and in the west, the Euphrates is the natural border, beyond which the government forces are bound to stay for an indefinite period to fight an irreconcilable enemy.

It is not without a reason that the Pentagon Chief mentioned the possibility of using “overwhelming force” to protect the seized Syrian oil wells in the provinces of Deir Ez-Zor and Al-Hasakah. Leading Arab news agencies, citing sources close to the Pentagon, report that the Americans are ready to deploy 300 to 500 units of armored vehicles and other military equipment in the area of the oil fields...

It is hard to believe it. Nevertheless, one can confidently assume that Trump and his team are not at trying to maintain their influence in Syria and the region whatever it takes them without taking into consideration of objective factors. It was exclusively thanks to the efforts of Russia that the Syrian Kurds avoided the real threat of being drawn into a bloody war with Turkey and preserved their military infrastructure. At the same time, there is no doubt that the command of the Kurdish armed forces and the political leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces will continue their advantageous orientation toward the Pentagon and will pursue policies that are in the interests of the United States.

As for the "victorious” speculations of some resident experts about the failure of American policy in Syria, I think that Moscow should avoid overestimating the results of its actions, be more modest and more consistent in conclusions. As we know from the experience, Russia succeeded only after it threatened or took tough measures with regard of its “partners” and opponents. One should prevent the transformation of the area beyond the Euphrates into a new American military base.

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