US working for a "flower revolution" in Cuba / News / News agency Inforos
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US working for a "flower revolution" in Cuba

US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice has revealed that the Bush administration wants to speed up a regime change in Cuba. As C. Rice said, "the time has come for change after 46 years of Fidel Castro's regime".

According to the State Secretary, Washington would take measures "to hasten the end of oppression" in that country. C. Rice made that statement in connection with the Commission of Assistance for a Free Cuba (CAFC) resuming its work.

The recommendations of the Commission would be submitted to President G. Bush next May, she said. By May, a flexible plan would be worked out to help the Cuban people to bring about democratic, free and fair election. "We shall provide our resources and experience to the Cuban people", promised the head of the US diplomacy.
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