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Media to Restrict Coverage of Children's Mass Disease in Chechnya

The media should restrict their coverage of the mass disease that struck children in Chechnya, said first deputy head of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry for Emergency Situations Col. Ahmed Jeirkhanov. In his view, blowing up that subject gives birth to new cases of the disease.

The same idea was expressed Saturday by an assistant professor of the medical department of Chechen State University, Musa Dalsayev, who asked journalists not to show victims of the disease on TV screens. "Seeing sick children on TV screens, people get scared and start looking for similar symptoms in themselves", he said.

At the moment, 28 children, 9 women and 1 man remain still in republican hospitals. No new cases of the disease have been reported during the past 24 hours. Altogether, 98 people have been hospitalized with the symptoms of the strange disease.

The physicians have finally concluded that the disease was not caused by intoxication, but rather had a psychic origin. In their opinion, during the hostilities in the republic the children suffered stress, and what is taking place now is a post-syndrome.

Deputy director of the Serbski Institute of Criminal Psychiatry Zurab Kikalidze explains that the reason for the mass spread of the disease is the effect of psychological contagion.

"We have an effect of psychological contagion here, when one man feels bad, the sickness is passed on to a second man, then a third, and so on. Then people start going off in a swoon, and convulsions may follow", said Z. Kikalidze.

As has been reported, over the past week more than 80 children, most of them girls, have been hospitalized in the northern Chechen regions with similar symptoms, characterized as dyspnea, hysterics, convulsions, and depression.
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