Baltic States to Be Guarded by Polish MIGs / News / News agency Inforos
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Baltic States to Be Guarded by Polish MIGs

Poland will be the first state of the former Warsaw Pact to deploy, as a NATO member country, its jet fighters to guard the three Baltic states' air space.

Four Polish MIG-29 fighter aircraft of Russian make would be based at a Lithuanian military airdrome in Zoknyai, and the total strength of the Polish air force personnel working at the base will come to about 70.

This is less than the other NATO countries have been sending to Lithuania on a rotation basis to guard the Baltic states' air space.

Today the skies of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are being patrolled by American aircraft, but on December 30 this function will be taken over by a Polish unit.

The skies over these three countries have already been patrolled by aircraft from Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany.
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