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Beslan Commission Makes Public Its First Findings

Beslan Commission Makes Public Its First Findings
It were Shamil Basayev and Aslan Maskhadov who planned and organized the terror attack, unprecedented in its cruelty, in Beslan in September 2004, said head of the federal parliamentary commission on Beslan Alexander Torshin, addressing representatives of both chambers of Russian parliament. The school siege had lasted 3 days, leaving 331 people dead and 783 wounded.

"Separatists Shamil Basayev, Aslan Maskhadov, Magomet Khashiyev and their associates, notorious for their cruelty, masterminded the terrorist attack. Foreign mercenaries, including notorious Arab terrorist Abu Dzeit, also played an active role in the attack", said A. Torshin.

The parliamentary commission has concluded that the Beslan attack was designed to destabilize the situation in the entire North Caucasus. Torshin also noted that preparations for the attack had begun back in August 2004, when a group of 34 terrorists was formed. The two women in the group – Gaburova and Natayeva - were wearing the so-called "suicide bomber's belts".

"The precise coordination of bandits' actions when seizing the school in Beslan shows that they acted according to a well-planned scenario", said the head of the parliamentary commission. All Russia had been awaiting its findings since mid-autumn.

A. Torshin also said that eight dead terrorists had not been identified as yet, adding that the General Prosecutor's Office has extended the investigation of the terrorist attack in Beslan up to March 1, 2006.
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