Syria wants to sue US for plundering its oil / News / News agency Inforos
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Syria wants to sue US for plundering its oil

Syria wants to sue US for plundering its oil

The Damascus government is looking into the possibility of suing Washington in an international court over the plundering of Syria’s oil reserves, Syrian presidential adviser Bouthaina Shaaban said in an interview with the Beirut-based pan-Arab Al-Mayadeen TV.

"Syria is looking into the possibility of filing an international lawsuit against the United States, due to the fact that they steal Syrian oil," she said in the interview, aired on Wednesday night, TASS quoted

US President Donald Trump announced US troop pullout from the zone of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria this fall, but said that his country would not give up control over oil fields in the north of the Arab republic.

The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the United States were smuggling Syrian oil to other countries, while oil caravans are guarded by US private security companies and special forces.

US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey said his country’s presence in the region was legitimate as Washington wants to make sure that oil deposits in the northeast of the republic do not fall into the hands of terrorists. In late November, Jeffrey said that in line with the Syrian constitution, the oil belongs to the people of Syria.

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