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C. Rice Gets a Rebuff

The Russian Foreign Ministry has used tough words to respond to criticisms leveled by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In a press release it says that Moscow was surprised by the tonality of the US State Secretary's pronouncements made on January 5 concerning Russian-Ukrainian relations in the gas sphere.

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not like C. Rice's words about Russia's actions not quite agreeing with the definition of "a responsible energy supplier". The Foreign Ministry's statement notes that the Russian-Ukrainian talks, though hard and protracted, have finally led to the signing of a long-term agreement which satisfies both parties and assures stable gas supplies to Ukraine and gas transit to Europe.

The Foreign Ministry was also surprised by C. Rice not understanding the principles of market economy: "Acknowledging the necessity of dismantling the ineffective old Soviet structures, the US State Secretary, however strange it may seem, believes that Russia and Ukraine should move to market gas prices gradually".

The Russian Foreign Ministry has also brushed aside C. Rice's remarks about Russia's actions during the gas dispute not quite agreeing with its status of chairman of the "Group of Eight": "The accords with Ukraine in bilateral format reached on Russia's initiative lay a firm foundation for stable long-term supplies of Russian gas to Europe and are an important contribution to ensuring the energy security of the European continent", points out the ministry release.
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