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For the Attention of Tourists!

Turkey is becoming deadly dangerous

Russia's Chief Medical Officer, Gennadi Onishchenko, has insistently recommended Russian citizens to refrain from visiting Turkey. Three persons died of bird flu in that country in several days.

"I strongly recommend that Russian citizens should refrain from visiting the Turkish Republic, in particular that province where an emergency situation has come about due to an outbreak of bird flu. It is the province of Agri, the town of Dogubayazit, in Eastern Turkey, on the border with Armenia and Iran", G. Onishchenko said.

As of January 7, 25 people have been hospitalized on suspicion of being infected with bird flu, three of them have already died.

G. Onishchenko has provided information on the epidemiological situation to all the organizations concerned, first of all travel agencies and tour operators. "Also I have signed a directive strongly recommending Russian citizens to refrain from visiting Turkey", he said.
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