Doctor Cohen: Sharon would not return to office / News / News agency Inforos
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Doctor Cohen: Sharon would not return to office

One of the Israeli PM's operating surgeons, Dr Jose Cohen, believes that Ariel Sharon would not return to active political life.

"He will not continue to be prime minister, but maybe he will be able to understand and to speak," he was quoted in the Jerusalem Post as saying. At the same time, doctor Cohen is sure that Sharon's chances of survival after the stroke are "very high".

On the fourth day after the crisis, physicians of the Hadassah Hospital say that Sharon's condition remains "critical, but stable". Ariel Sharon underwent three operations, which made it possible to reduce the intracranial pressure, stop the bleeding and remove a blood clot.

Despite certain progress, the doctors do not wake the Israeli PM from a state of induced coma in which he was all these days. Only after waking him up experts would be in a position to ascertain the extent of the brain damage after the stroke.

According to head of the Hadassah Hospital professor Shlomo Mor-Yossef, the doctors remain optimistic. At the same time Mor-Yossef could not warrant that all threat to the PM's life was over.
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