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Iran is urged to give up its nuclear program

Iran is urged to give up its nuclear program
Iran has announced that it was resuming practical research in nuclear fuel. An Iranian government spokesman said there was nothing illegitimate about it, as all work would be conducted in compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and under supervision of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts.

In response, all the five members of the UN Security Council, including Russia and China, demanded that Iran give up the idea of creating nuclear weapons. The US wants this issue to be raised at the UN Security Council, which may result in international sanctions being imposed on Tehran.

The European Union has also stated that Tehran's decision would have negative consequences.

IAEA head Muhammed al-Baradei sharply criticized the Iranian decision. He said "the Agency and all world community would soon lose patience with Iran and its nuclear program".

The German Foreign Ministry warned Iran of the consequences of its resuming nuclear research, as Iran's latest statements on its nuclear policy are viewed there as extremely alarming. The Ministry is inclined to associate these statements with the failure, as the Ministry sees it, of the talks with Moscow on uranium enrichment.

The crisis over Iran's nuclear program may still be settled at the talks to be held shortly between the Russian and Iranian delegations. Much will depend now on Russia, as few people believe in the UN Security Council being able to impose sanctions on Iran.

As has been reported, under Moscow's plan certain uranium processing operations may be carried out on Iranian territory, but its enrichment must take place in Russia.

Sergei Ivanov, vice premier of the Russian government and minister of defense, has supported a political solution of the problem.

"In order not to violate any norm of international right and not to alarm international community, Russia has proposed to enrich fuel for Iranian nuclear power stations on its territory. That is what the current talks are about. It is too early to say what they will lead to, but on the whole I think the present so-called Iranian nuclear program should be resolved within a political and diplomatic context and at this stage within the framework of the IAEA", said S. Ivanov.
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