US urges Iraq to fulfil obligations to protect diplomatic facilities / News / News agency Inforos
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US urges Iraq to fulfil obligations to protect diplomatic facilities

US urges Iraq to fulfil obligations to protect diplomatic facilities

The situation after the US embassy in Baghdad was targeted by a missile attack remains tense, Washington is calling on Iraq to honor its obligations to protect US diplomatic facilities located on its territory, a representative of the US State Department press service told TASS on Sunday commenting on the missile strike on the American embassy in the Iraqi capital that saw rockets landing directly at the compound’s territory.

"We are aware of reports of rockets landing in the International Zone. We call on the Government of Iraq to fulfill its obligations to protect our diplomatic facilities," the representative underlined. "The security situation remains tense and Iranian-backed armed groups remain a threat. So, we remain vigilant." According to the spokesperson, since last "September there have been over 14 attacks by Iran and Iranian-supported militias on U.S. personnel in Iraq."

The representative refused to provide additional comments on the attack. "We will not comment further on the security situation in Baghdad," the spokesperson concluded, TASS reports.

Agence France-Presse reported on Monday that at least one person had been injured in the attack citing local authorities. The agency notes that the US embassy in Baghdad has been repeatedly attacked in the last couple of months but missiles landed directly in the compound for the first time. The Sunday attack is the second to take place in the last seven days. On January 20, three missiles landed near the embassy.

On Sunday evening, five missiles were launched at Baghdad’s Green Zone - a well-fortified district in the center of the city where government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions are situated. Three missiles directly landed at the US embassy premises, one of them hit the canteen building where dinner was served at that moment, Agence France-Presse adds.

After the incident, acting Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi ordered national security forces to take every measure to prevent similar attacks on the US embassy in Baghdad. He blasted the strike as an "irresponsible act committed by separate individuals", underlining that this attack "can lead to serious consequences." The acting prime minister also said that he had given orders "to launch an investigation, find those responsible for the attack and bring them to justice." US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller also sharply criticized the strike on Sunday.

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