Canadians Come under Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan / News / News agency Inforos
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Canadians Come under Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber blew up a Canadian military convoy in Afghanistan on Sunday.

A senior official of the Canadian Foreign Ministry, Glyn Berry, who was in charge of political aspects in the Canadian program for rebuilding Afghanistan, was killed in the attack. Besides, three Canadian servicemen were wounded, two of them are said to be in a critical state, says Lt.Gen. Marc Dumais, Deputy Chief of the Canadian Defence Staff.

The terrorist attack took place in the south of Afghanistan, on a road near a Canadian military base in Kandahar. The suicide bomber drove his explosives-laden car at the convoy. Three people were killed, and 13 wounded.

The Canadian military contingent in Afghanistan numbers 650 soldiers and officers. Al-in-all, 9 Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan since the start of the military operation.
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