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White Helmets wage information war against Syria

White Helmets wage information war against Syria

The White Helmets non-governmental organization is funded by Western intelligence services, and it is waging an information war against the Syrian people, Director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin stated on Wednesday at the opening of the exhibition "The White Helmets: terrorist accomplices and disinformation sources" organized by the Foundation for the Study of Democracy and the Russian Peace Foundation.

"The White Helmets is an organization financed by intelligence services overseas and in Britain, fulfilling their objective within the framework of an information war that they wage against the Syrian people, against the Syrian Arab Republic," TASS quoted him as saying.

The Russian military has proven that the footage of alleged chemical weapon use in Syria’s Douma is fake, Naryshkin recalled. "Two years ago, shocking footage was spread across the world, which allegedly shows the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government army in the Syrian city of Douma against the civilian population. In a short period of time, the Russian military, along with reporters and Syrian citizens, held their own investigation, conclusively proving that the footage provided by the odious White Helmets organization is fake," the Russian foreign intelligence chief noted.

He added that the exhibition was organized based on materials presented in the book "The White Helmets: terrorist accomplices and disinformation sources," which consists of over 100 interviews with former members of the organization, Syrian civilians and witnesses of the events. "Even a cursory examination of the materials presented at the exhibition and in the book provides insight into the cynical information war waged by Western special services against the Syrian population and the Syrian lawful government, using the White Helmets odious organization for those purposes," Naryshkin added.

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