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Watch out, America is shutting down…

Coronavirus aggravates split between US and Europe

Watch out, America is shutting down…

Since March 16, the United States has closed entry into its territory to foreigners after visiting Great Britain and Ireland. Previously, a similar measure had been applied in respect to foreigners who visited China, Iran and 20 Schengen countries. Washington's decision does not apply to American citizens and green card holders. The reason lies in the world-raging coronavirus COVID-19, with a pandemic announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday.

Last Friday, US President Donald Trump introduced a nationwide emergency regime in the United States to combat the spread of coronavirus. Following Trump's move, oil prices were 4 percent down, with shares of Asian companies slumping by 3-4% percent. Later, the American president tweeted that the US stopped the movement of people, not goods. But the world does not believe the head of the White House, especially Europe which took Trump 's decision to close the border really hard.

It is notable that the British Financial Times newspaper says investors respond to Washington 's actions with new waves of sell-off, as they doubt the ability of European states to support their economies. In particular, the publication writes: "Today Trump is closing Europe, perhaps hedging his bets again. If Europe is shut down today, this will naturally hit the economy. But here the administration feels more confident: it can support the economy by lowering interest rates, by means of fiscal support. "

Coronavirus has already caused panic in Europe. People gobble up vital goods, primarily toilet paper, hand sanitizers and other personal hygiene means. And Washington's move to close its borders to the Europeans has once again confirmed its attitude towards the Old World countries. The Financial Times is right when it says that the powerful American economy will survive, while other countries are neither here nor there. After all, President Trump 's slogan is "America first." And the current coronavirus situation has made it abundantly clear that Washington is meticulous about this slogan. Whether we talk about countries of the so-called "third world" or allies from Europe is besides the point.

In this regard, the reaction of the European media is not surprising. Reuters writes, for instance, the following: "For the European Union, the decision by the US authorities came out of the blue. They await explanations. Washington did not have any preliminary consultations with Brussels." In turn, French Le Monde indignantly draws attention to the speech by Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who has directly stated that "Europe is a new China; that's where it comes from."

It should be pointed out that analysts are trying to read between the lines of the American President's statement. "What didn't he say?" one of Finland 's central newspapers, Helsingin Sanomat, wonders. "America has chosen its favorite cure-all, i.e. border closure. Even though this method is clearly inefficient. Donald Trump's address made it clear to investors that financial decision-makers are completely unprepared for the crisis," the periodical emphasizes.

Beyond a shadow of doubt, the "concept of American selfishness" under President Trump has become pronounced, and for this reason discord between the United States and Europe is becoming increasingly serious and intractable. Despite all the Atlanticist efforts, there is trouble stopping crisis exacerbation between the European Union and the United States. Washington is adding more to this exacerbation than Brussels, stressing its superiority and uniqueness whenever possible. The US has apparently sold itself the idea that the countries of Europe cannot do without its "nuclear umbrella", so it keeps dealing with European allies and partners through strength and pressure alone, without regard for their views and aspirations.

Today, during the hard times of the coronavirus epidemic in Europe, the US simply left out its European partners in the cold fighting against this evil. It seems that the first one to understand this was Italy, where the coronavirus struck the hardest blow on the population. It is no mere chance that the Association of Italian Lawyers Camere Penali del Diritto Europeo e Internazionale asked Russia to send a humanitarian cargo to Italy to combat the spread of coronavirus. In particular, the Association asks the Italian government to urgently provide the population of southern Italy with masks, disposable gloves, glasses and sterilizers, recommending to seek help from Russia, where coronavirus is fought very successfully.

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