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US to "kill" the last disarmament treaty

The trust component drops out of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States

US to "kill" the last disarmament treaty

It is 10 years since the Russian-American Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-3) has been signed. What is its fate going to be?

Retired colonel, editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Victor Murakhovsky believes that "judging by US actions, the agreement will not be renewed and will cease to exist. This revealed itself several years ago when President Trump came to power and took the course for American independence from any treaties. This was already becoming obvious even before Trump, when the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty, but Trump's appearance made this course of the US military and political leadership more pronounced. Under Trump, the US withdrew from the INF, with the general US policy aimed at ensuring that Washington does not bind itself to any obligations to control and limit weapons, including nuclear ones. And the US military strategy of the so-called third techno-economic paradigm is based on the fact that the US can allegedly ensure its superiority, primarily technological, in any weapons systems, with all sorts of treaties restricting this superiority. Therefore, they made it their policy not to engage in treaties and to be the only power in the world to possess the most advanced military technology."

According to the expert, "as for focusing on new global threats, such as biological weapons, I consider this an absolute fake, because weapons cannot be non-selective. Biological weapons are an increasingly fantastic thing, and in my opinion they cannot be implemented in any way, being dangerous to those who develop and use them. Therefore, we are not talking about reorienting ourselves to new threats.  If START-3 ceases to operate, I think neither the US nor Russia will increase the number of their strategic nuclear forces. It doesn't make sense. Because today, two countries may destroy each other in case of a full-scale use of nuclear devices.There is a big question whether the rest of the world will survive. Many scientists believe there will be a "nuclear winter" fraught with an almost complete extinction of mankind. As for the qualitative development of such weapons, it will continue, there is no doubt about this either. Nuclear forces are being modernized in both the United States and Russia. So the situation will not undergo a 180-degree turn. Here, the START-3 termination impact on the world's overall military and political environment will be primarily political. The treaty provided for the parties' mutual control of each other, as well as a certain level of trust, although insufficient without other arms limitation treaties, but all the same. And now this element drops out of bilateral relations, which will make the level of trust decrease even more."

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