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Stiff Confrontation between FATAH and HAMAS

A civil war may be in the offing

FATAH activists have been angrily venting their displeasure with their party's defeat at the elections for Palestinian Autonomy parliament. Their profound disappointment has already led to street manifestations, shooting and seizure of administrative buildings. By Saturday night reports started coming in of militants of the FATAH paramilitary wing, "Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade", having stormed and seized the Palestinian president's residence of Muqata.

What has been positively ascertained is that about 40 militants of the "brigade" have shot their way into and seized the building of the Palestinian Parliament in the West bank town of Ramallah. "We will do all we can to replace bad leaders with good ones. We will defend Mahmoud Abbas, as he comes from FATAH. We will show HAMAS how an opposition party should operate", says one of "Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade" commanders, Ramzi Obeid.

Massive demonstrations led by FATAH activists have been held in Ramallah and Nablus, with over 4.000 Palestinians taking part. The protesters demanded a collective resignation of the FATAH Central Committee and opposed the formation of a government coalition with HAMAS. Another large-scale rally is to be held shortly in Gaza.

No loss of life in the standoff has been reported so far. Nine people were injured in skirmishes between HAMAS and FATAH followers in the town of Khan-Unis last night.
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