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US elections postponement unfeasible

US elections postponement unfeasible

US President Donald Trump’s proposal to postpone the November election aims to find a topic for restoration of the lost political positions, says Fyodor Lukyanov, Science Director of the Valdai discussion club.

"This is a trial balloon of a sort. Its main goal is to discourage voting by mail, bring it to a minimum. Trump suspects that voting by mail will be unfavorable for him, so a game of a sort begins," he said. "Postponing the elections will mostly likely be unfeasible, but Trump tries to find a topic that would help him to boost himself a bit, because he clearly lags behind by all polls. He lags behind in the most important swing states, such as Florida. He currently loses in all three states that secured his victory four years ago, where he won unexpectedly last time [Arizona, Michigan and Florida]."

The US President "generously pours gasoline to the raging pyre of Washington political struggle," Lukyanov says, adding that, since the beginning of the pandemic, rumors circulated among the US Dems that Trump will try to compensate his falling ratings with manipulations of this kind, TASS reports.

"It is unclear whether this is true, but such [Trump’s] statements fuel such conspiracy theories well. Within a couple of days, everyone will stigmatize this, will once again say that he will do anything to stay in power."

Speaking about Trump’s allegations of fraudulency of voting by mail, the expert noted that many still consider that the US democratic institutions "are a solid thing" that always works.

"Still, I believe there is faith in electoral procedures in America. People believe that their votes matter," he added.

On the other hand, Lukyanov continued, this image paled significantly.

"The US system endures a heavy crisis of identity and perception. This is why, apparently, Trump will push the idea that everything works wrong, that everything is controlled by the deep state and the Democratic establishment. This could be pushed, but how efficient that would be?," the analyst speculated.

At the same time, the Democratic hysteria, connected to the alleged Russian meddling in the US elections, could have undermined the voters’ "confidence that the US system works perfectly."

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump proposed to look into postponing the elections over the coronavirus situation in the country. According to Trump, considering voting by mail, which he repeatedly criticized, these elections might become the most fraudulent and corrupt in the US history.

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