Law enforcement to prevent riots during presidential election in Belarus / News / News agency Inforos
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Law enforcement to prevent riots during presidential election in Belarus

Law enforcement to prevent riots during presidential election in Belarus

The Belarusian law enforcement agencies will not allow chaos and will prevent unrest during the presidential race, since they are capable of confronting any lawbreakers, Belarusian Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Barsukov said in a televised interview on Belarus-1 channel on Wednesday night.

"We will not allow chaos and will not allow riots on streets. Believe me, we have enough capabilities and means to confront those who do not want to obey the law," Barsukov said.

According to Barsukov, the current presidential race was ongoing amid tense conditions, since "unsanctioned rallies are being held and calls against stability in the republic are being heard."

"The current developments are part of political technology aimed at derailing and destabilizing the situation," Barsukov said warning the organizers of unsanctioned mass gatherings of their personal responsibility and called on the Belarusians to stay away from those protests, TASS reports.

Barsukov pointed out that provoking the law enforcement bodies to take preventive steps, the organizers are jeopardizing public security.

A presidential election will be held in Belarus on August 9. On August 4, an early vote kicked off, which will last until August 8. Five candidates are running for the top post - incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, Co-Chairman of the Tell the Truth public movement Andrei Dmitriyev, former lawmaker Anna Kanopatskaya, Belarusian activist Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and Chairman of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party Gramada Sergei Cherechen. Two more applicants, Valery Tsepkalo and Viktor Babariko, who is currently under arrest, were denied registration.

The presidential race has been dogged by detentions of opposition politicians and activists, and also by unsanctioned protests. The European Union and the United States voiced their concerns about the incidents and urged Minsk to hold a free election.

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