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Trump says he put off trade talks with China

Trump says he put off trade talks with China

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he had suspended trade talks with China, because he does not "want to talk" to Beijing right now.

"I canceled talks with China," Trump told reporters in Arizona on Tuesday. "I don’t want to talk to China right now."

Trump once again lashed at China for the current novel coronavirus pandemic, saying that the consequences were "unthinkable."

When asked wheter Washington would quit phase one of the trade deal with China, the US leader replied that he would wait and see, TASS reports.

Reuters reported last week citing own sources that the August 15 video conference with the participation of US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He had been postponed indefinitely due to organizational issues. The conference was aimed at reviewing the implementation of phase six months after its signing.

Trump said on July 23 that the importance of the trade deal diminished against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, he admitted that China had started purchasing US agricultural products in record amounts.

On January 15, US President Donald Trump and China’s Deputy Prime Minister Liu He signed an agreement on the first phase of a deal to settle bilateral trade disputes. The ceremony took place at the White House. The volume of the trade agreement, according to the US president, will exceed $200 billion this year and will grow annually.

In particular, China agreed to increase purchases of US products by $76.7 billion during the first year and by $123.3 billion during the second year of the agreement. This concerns not only agricultural products, but also other American products.

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