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Iran Makes a Compromise

Iran Makes a Compromise
Russia and Iran have agreed to create a joint venture enterprise for uranium enrichment on Russian soil.

The agreement was reached in the course of the second round of talks between the two countries held last Sunday in Tehran.

The two parties have agreed practically on all moot questions. Iranian Vice President Golam Reza Agazade and head of the Russian Nuclear Energy Agency Sergei Kiriyenko said so at a joint press conference in Bushehr.

"We have reached an agreement in principle about creating a joint venture", said G.R. Agazade, adding that the decision needs some working-out and negotiations on the subject would continue shortly.

"We have held very thorough and detailed negotiations over Russia's proposals, which are an integral part of a whole package of proposals, a whole complex of measures", he said.

Earlier, Tehran's position had been, without giving up the idea of creating a joint venture with Russia, to stand for its right to conduct nuclear research on its own territory as well.

Thus, the agreement reached in Bushehr may save Tehran from the imposition of economic sanctions.

However, Russian experts express concern about G.R. Agazade saying that certain details of creating a joint venture for uranium enrichment still "need some working-out". In the course of the previous talks Tehran had also failed to give any definitive answer to Moscow's proposal.

During the talks the two parties agreed "to give an impetus" to the construction of the Iranian nuclear power plant (NPP) in Bushehr. According to G.R. Agazade, the NPP is ready at 90 percent.

A headquarters has been set up in Iran to coordinate interaction with Russia, said S. Kiriyenko after a meeting with Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance Davud Danesh-Jafari.

According to S. Kiriyenko, the headquarters would include the Iranian foreign minister, defense minister, head of the National Security Council, and the first vice-premier of the cabinet. Though the purpose behind the setting up of the headquarters has not been disclosed to the press, it will most probably deal with coordinating various activities ahead of the voting at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran's nuclear program, to be held on March 6.
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