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Kamchatka authorities considering 3 pollution causes off coast of the peninsula

Kamchatka authorities considering 3 pollution causes off coast of the peninsula

The Kamchatka Region administration are considering three reasons for water pollution off the coast of the peninsula, said the governor of the region Vladimir Solodov on Monday at a briefing.

"A version of man-made pollution associated with human activities is being processed. With the spills of some toxic substances. What exactly now we have to find out if this version is confirmed. A version is being worked out that this [pollution] may be associated with natural influences, natural phenomena . With the behavior, so to speak, of algae, which during the storm carried to the coastline. A version of seismic activity associated with volcanic manifestations is also being worked out," Solodov said.

The governor added that it is too early to talk about any specific reason. Details will be announced after extended sample test results, TASS reports.

He also added that the maximum concentration of oil products in the water area of the bays of Kamchatka was recorded on Saturday, October 3, as the time passes, the indicators are decreasing.

"Last week there was an excess of the maximum permissible concentration of oil products by several times. In particular, according to the situation, according to the samples taken on October 3 in Lagernaya Bay, the maximum permissible concentration for the presence of oil products was exceeded by 7-9 times. The ocean has a unique ability to self-cleanse. As of October 4, yesterday, samples taken in the same places showed an excess of only 1.2 times. In other points, all indicators are within the sanitary standard including on the Khalaktyr beach there are no excess of indicators," Solodov said.

Solodov noted that the Russian Consumer Rights Watchdog Rospotrebnadzor is evaluating sanitary-chemical, microbiological, virological and radiochemical indicators.

Harmful substances

The Governor of the Kamchatka Region said that the initial water samples did not show the presence of pollutants in the Nalycheva River, which flows into a bay in Kamchatka.

"The samples there (in the river - TASS note) have also been taken, a visual inspection has been carried out, we are waiting for extended samples. Those samples that are common show that the maximum permissible concentration [of harmful substances] has not been exceeded," said Solodov.

Earlier, experts from the hydrometeorological service revealed an excess of phenol and oil products in the coastal zone near the Khalaktyrsky beach. There, according to information from local residents, a massive release of marine animals on the shore was recorded. Later, phenol and oil products were found in three more areas of the Avacha Bay. In addition, the facts of the death of marine animals were revealed in Bolshaya Lagernaya and Malaya Lagernaya bays and in Babya's bay.

Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev instructed to investigate the reasons for the massive release of animals ashore. The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Dmitry Kobylkin said that the ecological situation in the region is being analyzed. According to the ministry, samples of water, air and sand have already been taken. A pre-investigation check is carried out by the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Kamchatka Region.

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