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US election: winner announced, struggle continues

The American media has announced Biden as the country's new President, but Trump intends to challenge this in court

US election: winner announced, struggle continues

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has defeated incumbent President Donald Trump to become the 46th President of the United States. According to preliminary results published by the American media, in particular the Associated Press, CNN and NBC, Biden secured premier place in the swing state of Pennsylvania, which helped him score 273 with the required 270 electoral votes. The Wall Street Journal attributes to him the final victory in the state of Arizona as well, resulting in a total of 284 electoral votes.

Senator Kamala Harris, 56, is likely to become the first black woman appointed Vice President of the United States, a landmark event in the Democratic Party's generational change. The remarkable thing is that Joe Biden won over the traditional democratic states, such as Michigan, as well as those that used to vote for the Republicans but supported him instead of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden and Harris have already made history by coming head of the poll. More than 74 million Americans voted for their election as the next President and Vice President of the United States, thus cracking the record of 44th President Barack Obama. 77-year-old Biden (to turn 78 on November 20) holds another record to become the oldest president-elect in America's entire history.

Some world leaders and prominent politicians on both sides of the pond have already offered their congratulations to Joe Biden as the new head of state. But didn't they hasten all that much, as the electoral college will officially announce the next US president's name on December 14 only? Before this term, both candidates – Joe Biden and Donald Trump – are still considered contenders for the post of White House head. Moreover, let's not forget that the Trump election campaign has initiated proceedings in courts of several states at once, where the counting of votes is deemed suspicious. " I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve," the current president said. And knowing Trump's nature, there is no doubt he will live up to his promise.

To all effects and purposes, Joe Biden is actively discussed in all the American media and called the country's 46th president. Although suffice it to say that Biden is ambiguous to the current American voter, otherwise he would not have had such a challenging confrontation with Trump – one of the most extraordinary and hated presidents in America's history. However, be it noted that Biden is no more than an accommodating figure for his own electorate as a politician who does not fully reflect the left-wing deviation existing among the Democrats.

Admittedly, the average American voter conditioned by nightmares about a possible military threat from the USSR and Russia, is afraid of anything related to socialism – and therefore neither the far-left Bernie Sanders nor the future Vice President Kamala Harris were suggested for presidency: Trump would have defeated them unequivocally, ride the coattails of public sentiments as a whole. Biden, in contrast, is a "conservative in the shoes of a liberal", an old-generation politician who does not share progressive beliefs and socialist ideas.

It is worth noting that Biden's leadership in the current election was largely brought about by his having been Barack Obama's right-hand man: at least, this was evident from his campaign rhetoric. After all, he promised to his voters what Trump destroyed during his four-year term: returning to the WHO, establishing relations with the European Union and NATO, abolishing the ban on the entry of terrorism-associated Middle Eastern citizens, and letting people with gender identity disorders to serve in the army. All this has a clear signaling effect that Biden's program was partly poised for returning to the days when the country was under the first black president's eight-year rule.

However, during the four years of Donald Trump's term, the agenda of the US Democratic party has noticeably forged leftwards, moving undisputed "centrists" like Joe Biden with it. Thus, he supports activities of the black Lives Matter movement, is going to write off student tuition debts and please the country's black population who voted for him with new charity programs.

Biden also intends to execute the idea of paying $15 an hour as the minimum wage. Experts believe this state aid to the poor will require raised taxes, which will primarily affect rich Americans. Please note that billionaires give 21% of their profits to the federal budget today. The progressive scale that the future democratic President intends to introduce will bring these expenditures to the level of 28%. Biden does not rule out taking it a step further and returning the Obama-era tax, that is over a third of all the US rich people's profits. Paradoxically, major company owners still and all supported him, not the rich incumbent president.

One final comment: Joe Biden's victory fell within an eminently hard time for the United States,  as regards both domestic and foreign policy. The American society is split in half itself, while the world has already become accustomed to pressure and threats from Donald Trump over the past four years, and therefore the 46th President of America plans to act more leniently and correct errors of his predecessor. The way he is going to deal with it remains to be seen.

But still, let's once again emphasize that these are still purely speculative assumptions and calculations concerning Joe Biden, since he has yet to be officially declared President of the United States of America...

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