Democrats seek to kick Trump out of US political life forever / News / News agency Inforos
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Democrats seek to kick Trump out of US political life forever

Democrats seek to kick Trump out of US political life forever

The Democrats, who have initiated the procedure to impeach incumbent US President Donald Trump, are trying to squeeze him out of the political arena forever, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov told TASS on Tuesday.

"This is being done with the only goal to remove Trump from the country’s political life forever because more than 70 mln Americans had voted for him, and this is a very big number of voters," the Russian senator said, TASS reports.

"Trump had a political future and he did not hide that he was not going to leave politics. The Democrats are afraid of this. That’s why they are trying at any cost to deprive him as a political leader of any chance to return to politics," Dzhabarov said.

According to the senator, the January 6 events when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building fueled the flame. "This scares them [the Democrats] very much since they understand that under [US President Elect Joe] Biden this Trumpism won’t go anywhere and will be cultivated. So, they want to impeach the leader of this movement and the de facto president," he noted.

However, Dzhabarov doubts that the Democrats will manage to impeach Trump. "The Republican Party hardly wants to have the second impeachment case in its recent history. [The 37th US President Richard] Nixon was on the brink of an impeachment but he tendered resignation in due time and now Trump may be subject to impeachment and therefore the Republican Party will be discredited for many years to come. I don’t think this option will work," he said.

Resolution and US riots

The US House of Representatives on Monday introduced a text of resolution on impeaching incumbent US President Donald Trump, charging him with "incitement of insurrection." The resolution said Trump has "demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security, democracy, and the Constitution if allowed to remain office."

On January 6, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington DC to stop lawmakers from officially certifying the results of the November presidential election in a last-ditch attempt to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from becoming the new president. One protester was shot dead during the unrest. In addition, three others died, the causes of their deaths were qualified as medical emergencies. Biden’s inauguration is scheduled for January 20.

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