Coronavirus vaccination to allay concerns hindering Russia’s economic growth / News / News agency Inforos
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Coronavirus vaccination to allay concerns hindering Russia’s economic growth

Coronavirus vaccination to allay concerns hindering Russia’s economic growth

The coronavirus situation in Russia will gradually improve while the large-scale vaccination will allay concerns stonewalling the economic growth, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said in a video message to the Gaidar Forum’s participants on Thursday.

"Now the turning point of the crisis over the coronavirus spread is coming. I’m sure the situation will be gradually improving," Mishustin said, noting that Russia launched large-scale coronavirus vaccination that should fully protect citizens from the disease, TASS reports.

"And as soon as the overall immunity is formed, the concerns hindering economic development and trade will start receding into the past," he stressed.

Russia was the first country in the world that registered a coronavirus vaccine and started actively using it, the prime minister stated. "This allows us to expect that the recovery period will be much faster," he said.

According to Mishustin, the government has prepared the groundwork and launched a number of support measures for the economy and citizens. "Some of them will remain in effect this year in the framework of fulfilling a nationwide plan. Its goal is to bring the economy back to the path of sustainable growth," he said. The Russian cabinet has focused on accomplishing social tasks and supporting families with children and elderly people - they will remain at the center of attention of the government this year.

"The governments of many countries are now searching for an answer to a key question - what will the world look like after the new infection is defeated. The answer will define long-term strategies both in the field of the economy and social programs," Mishustin said.

The Gaidar Forum in an annual international research and practical conference in the economic field that has been held since 2010. It brings together renowned experts, government representatives, public and political figures, and business leaders from different countries. The event is traditionally co-organized by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR). TASS is a general information partner of the forum.

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