Vaccination invitations sent to all foreign embassies in Russia / News / News agency Inforos
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Vaccination invitations sent to all foreign embassies in Russia

Vaccination invitations sent to all foreign embassies in Russia

Invitations to participate in vaccination have been sent to all foreign embassies and missions of international organizations in Russia, the Foreign Ministry told TASS on Friday.

"The practice of inviting members of the diplomatic corps to undergo vaccination against the novel coronavirus infection exists in many countries," the Foreign Ministry said. "The Russian Foreign Ministry is not an exception. The disease in question is a fast-spreading one. It poses a threat to all groups of the population. Invitations to participate in the vaccination have been sent to all embassies and offices of international organizations accredited in Russia."

By offering foreign diplomats an opportunity to be vaccinated Russia acts in accordance with its obligations under international treaties and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, in particular, its clauses for creating the necessary conditions for diplomatic missions to perform their functions and maintaining their security, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, TASS reports.

The vaccination of Russian diplomats abroad and their families is voluntary. The personnel have the right to select an alternative vaccine.

"The opportunities for delivering the Russian vaccine to this or that country or using local vaccines, as well as the availability of the required medical infrastructure at Russian organizations abroad is taken into account," the Foreign Ministry said. "Those staffers of Russian diplomatic missions who wish to be vaccinated in Russia will be able to do so during their vacations or business trips."

The Foreign Ministry recalled that the Russian vaccine has been authorized for use in more than 25 countries. "We are certain that systematic work to promote vaccination is a common task of the international community amid the continuing pandemic. We regard Russia’s efforts on this track as a contribution to overcoming the global crisis," the Foreign Ministry stated.

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