Motorola C-115 is condemned to death / News / News agency Inforos
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Motorola C-115 is condemned to death

The batch of cellular phones of the "Euronet" group of companies arrested at the "Sheremetyevo-2" Airport Customs at the end of March will be destroyed, said a Russian Interior Ministry spokesman.

"A repeated expert examination of the arrested batch of cellular phones Motorola C-115 has shown that the level of radio-frequency emission of the phones exceeds admissible standards by 2.5 times", said a spokesman of the Russian Interior Ministry.

On March 29, 2006, Russian law-enforcement authorities arrested more than 167,000 mobile phones at the "Sheremetyevo-2" Airport Customs. The consignment arrived at Moscow from Pakistan.

According to the Interior Ministry, the arrested phones were produced in Brazil, China and Singapore and were not intended for sale in Russia. Interior Ministry experts say the phones did not meet Russian quality standards.
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