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US Establishing Military Bases in Bulgaria

US military bases will be established on Bulgarian soil shortly. An agreement to that effect has been signed by US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice and Bulgarian foreign minister Ivaylo Kalfin at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Sofia.

According to the agreement, up to 2,500 US troops will be stationed on Bulgarian soil at any one time during the next 10 years. At rotation time their numbers may reach 5,000.

The Pentagon has received access to Bezmer Airbase and the Novo Selo army training range near the border with Turkey and yet another airfield near the town of Graf Ignatyevo in central Bulgaria.

The document warrants that there will be no weapons of mass destruction at the facilities to be used by the US army.

Meanwhile, a recent opinion poll showed that 60 percent of the Bulgarian population oppose the establishment of US military bases in the country.

The agreement with Bulgaria has been signed within the framework of Washington's strategy of expanding its military presence in Eastern European countries. The White House explains the large-scale redeployment of its troops in Europe by the current shift of the world tension vector towards the Middle East and the Caucasus. At present the Pentagon is studying a possibility of establishing military bases in Rumania, Poland, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Reports indicate that the Pentagon has already invested $3 million in the reconstruction of the Rumanian airbase of Kogalnichana and the army training range at Babadag. Rumania has also announced that a US naval base would soon be established on its territory.

On Polish soil, construction of a US anti-missile air-defense base is underway.

The US cannot but realize that the setting up of military bases in the immediate vicinity of Russian borders will be viewed extremely negatively in Moscow, that resents any attempt by the US to intrude in the zone of its geostrategic interests. Furthermore, it is widely believed that one of the American objectives is to drive a wedge between "old Europe" and "young democracies" in Eastern Europe and thus stall the process of the formation of Greater Europe.
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