"Goldman Sachs": Russia will be the richest country in Europe / News / News agency Inforos
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"Goldman Sachs": Russia will be the richest country in Europe

The biggest investment bank "Goldman Sachs" has published its forecast claiming that Russia is to experience unprecedented economic growth. The bank experts assert that by 2027 Russia's economy will become the most powerful in the Old World, while its Gross Domestic Product will reach $3 trillion.

The study has been published right after the Russian "Gazprom" became the world's third biggest company, having outstripped the US "Microsoft" corporation, and also the third biggest company by the level of the stock exchange capitalization, which exceeds a quarter of a trillion dollars. Never before has a Russian company reached such heights in the world economic rating.

Investors of another biggest American bank, "Morgan Stanley", believe that in the foreseeable future the price of one "Gazprom" share will reach $140. "Unlimited business potential" – such are the words used in the West to characterize the Russian gas giant.
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