Russian National Guard receive latest Lebedev modular pistol / News / News agency Inforos
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Russian National Guard receive latest Lebedev modular pistol

Russian National Guard receive latest Lebedev modular pistol

The Russian National Guard put into service the latest Lebedev modular pistol, which was developed by the Kalashnikov Group (part of the state tech corporation Rostec), Kalashnikov Group CEO Dmitry Tarasov told TASS.

"Experimental models of 9-mm Lebedev modular pistol (MPL) and 9-mm Lebedev modular pistol for special-task purposes (MPL-1), which were developed under a technical assignment from the National Guard as part of the ‘Rys’ experimental design work, have been put into operation with the National Guard," Tarasov said.

Two months ago the Kalashnikov press office announced to TASS that the Lebedev modular pistol, developed by the Kalashnikov design and technological center, would be produced at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which makes Makarov pistols.

On March 9, the Kalashnikov Group announced 9 that the state trials of the latest Lebedev modular pistol were over.

Lebedev modular pistol

The Lebedev modular pistol has been developed in its standard configuration and in a version for special tasks outfitted with a silencer, an additional barrel with a seat for a silencer and elements for placing the handgun on a serviceman’s outfit.

The pistol features big upgrade potential: in particular, it allows using various attachments, larger-capacity magazines and a trigger mechanism with an automatic fire mode.

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