Estonia’s UN envoy sees possibility for more Security Council meetings on Belarus / News / News agency Inforos
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Estonia’s UN envoy sees possibility for more Security Council meetings on Belarus

Estonia’s UN envoy sees possibility for more Security Council meetings on Belarus

The issue of Ryanair plane’s emergency landing in Belarus may once again be raised by the UN Security Council, Estonia’s UN envoy, Sven Jurgenson, has told reporters.

"We’ve tried also to keep some slots ready for some events that might come up," he said at the press conference on Estonia’s upcoming UN Security Council presidency, adding that, due to the nature of the UN Security Council’s work, its members have to deal with unexpected events all the time.

"If you look at just the last month, for example, Middle East exploded again, <…> then <…> a state-sponsored hijacking of a plane by the president of Belarus. <…> Then , if you look at some of the issues where we should see positive developments, but, unfortunately, we have not seen them: Tigray, or Myanmar, or Libya," the Estonian diplomat continued.

He went on to say that various formats are available for keeping the Ryanair plane incident issue in the spotlight, such as Arria-formula meetings or even a General Assembly meeting, TASS reports.

"But we intend to keep this issue alive by whatever means, because <…> this is a new level of atrocity and violence," he added.

The UN Security Council is unlikely to adopt a joint statement or any other document regarding the emergency landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk, the envoy said.

"Looking at the composition of the Security Council it is absolutely impossible to have any product or a note coming from the Council," he said.

The UN Security Council already raised the matter at a closed meeting. In the wake of the event, European members of the UN Security Council issued a statement condemning Belarus. According to Jurgenson, the issue may be raised again during an informal or closed meeting.

A Ryanair flight en route from Athens to Vilnius, which made an emergency landing in the Belarusian capital of Minsk on May 23 after a reported bomb threat. The threat turned out to be a hoax. News came later that Roman Protasevich, wanted in Belarus as a co-founder of the Nexta Telegram channel, which the Belarusian authorities recognize as extremist, had been among the flight’s passengers. Protasevich and Russian national Sofia Sapega, who was traveling with him, were detained by Belarusian law enforcement officers.

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