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Syria poised to press charges against USA

The Syrian military prosecutor's office has released investigation materials into the performance of US military in Syria

Syria poised to press charges against USA

Authoritative regional Arab outlet Asharq al-Awsat, with its main office located in the British capital, has become first to gain access to the prosecutor's document and to release some of its provisions.

The outlet informs on the presence of 15 US military bases in Syria, most of which are meant to ensure the illegal extraction and export of stolen oil and gas from the country, protection and material support of illegal and Pentagon-allied Kurdish armed groups with the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and groups of Muslim radicals of various nationalities.

Major US Armed Forces' facilities are as follows:

- Aleppo Governorate: the settlement of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) in close vicinity to the Turkish border;

- Deir ez-Zor Governorate: in the area of Omar oil fields (one of the largest bases), Al-Tanf and Al-Baghuz;

- Ar-Ruwaishad logistics base at the junction of Deir ez-Zor, Hasakah and Raqqa governorates;

- nine other military bases and facilities, the most significant of which are: Rumaila, Al-Malikiyah (Hasakah Governorate), Life Stone; Tell Beydar and Kasraq (both located next to the strategic M4 highway);

- The At-Tanf military base at the junction of the Syrian state border with Iraq and Jordan, Pentagon's largest and principal military facility in Syria.

When it comes to Syria, Washington diligently emphasizes that the US military in this country serves to "prevent the resurgence of terrorism." At the same time, the Pentagon refers to implementing instructions to reduce the number of its Marines from 2,600 to 800 bayonets. But this information is disproportionate to reality. However, there are up to 600 military specialists at the At-Tanf base alone, as approximate estimates suggest.

Under international law and the UN Charter, the military presence of the United States and Western countries in the territory of Syria is a hostile act, with the Syrian prosecutor's office having irrefutable documentary evidence of crimes committed by the Americans there. "The United States has crossed the border of Syria, which is a sovereign state, occupied a considerable part of its territory, established military bases and airfields, which international law deems as military aggression and occupation," the document reads.

The Pentagon is actively dealing with extremist and terrorist groups on the Syrian soil. Around the At-Tanf base, US military advisers formed, armed and equipped the so-called New Syrian Army numbering some 30 thousand fighters from the diehard detachments of runaways from the former regular army and Muslim radicals. The formations' backbone is formed by fighters and activists of the Islamic State (ISIL, an international Muslim terrorist group banned in Russia), released from Kurdish SDF-controlled prisons as directed by the Americans.

It was the gangs from the At-Tanf area that have carried out repeated armed attacks in the vicinity of Tadmor (Palmyra), in the eastern parts of Damascus and Hama Governorates, as well as in the southern provinces. These data are confirmed by interrogated field commanders and captured militants who were trained under the guidance of American, British and French instructors at the military base's training centers.

According to the Syrian military intelligence, the At-Tanf base recently saw American and British instructors starting to train several groups of militants to use portable Tow anti-tank missile systems and 82-mm mortars, night vision devices and tactical intelligence tools. There is a good chance that the Americans are getting the gangs under their control ready for new provocations in eastern Syria.

The leadership of the Syrian military prosecutor's office emphasizes that only a small part of the documents has been released. It would seem that the most important facts of crimes committed by the US military and their minions should be included in the official report by Syrian and Russian representatives to the UN Security Council. The situation in and around the country requires an urgent consideration of this issue by the international community. And the more active Damascus is in defending its rights, the easier it will be for the Syrian leadership to solve the protracted crisis.

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