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Russian General Staff Warns Pentagon

Russian General Staff Warns Pentagon
The US using intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with conventional warheads may cause "an irreversible reaction on the part of other states possessing nuclear weapons", said Army General Yury Baluyevski, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, at a press conference in Moscow.

"Our US colleagues speak of a possibility of using such missiles to destroy Ben Laden. It is a very expensive treat, and unlikely to serve the purpose", said Baluyevski, commenting on the American intention to arm intercontinental ballistic missiles with non-nuclear warheads.

According to the Russian Chief of the General Staff, "the use of such missiles may cause an irreversible reaction on the part of those states which possess nuclear weapons but cannot identify what kind of warhead the missile is carrying".

Baluyevski explained that all launches of ballistic missiles are monitored by antimissile radar systems. However, the system is unable to define what kind of warhead is installed on the missile and against whom it is targeted.

Yury Baluyevski expressed confidence that the question of placing and using such missiles with non-nuclear warheads needs international legal formalization.

At the same time the Chief of the General Staff noted that Russia would soon be able to create weapons for penetrating the most sophisticated antimissile defense systems.

The creation of such weapons, says Baluyevski, is "a matter of the nearest future".

As has been reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow had also pointed out the risks of replacing nuclear warheads on American intercontinental ballistic missiles. "The launching of such a missile may provoke an inadequate reaction on the part of other nuclear states, including a full-scale retaliation strike with the use of strategic nuclear force", said the Russian President at the time.

Last February the Pentagon published a defense review analyzing the capabilities the US should have within the next 25 years. The document suggested that intercontinental ballistic missiles be armed with conventional warheads instead of the nuclear ones.
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