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USA creating new focus of tension in Syria

The American air strike on Syria has sparked a massive public outcry in the region

USA creating new focus of tension in Syria

Just a few hours after the June 28 early morning bombing, the American military garrison outside the al-Omar oil field in the east of Deir ez-Zor Governorate was exposed to four rocket shells. The bursts hurt residential buildings and a parking lot.

According to Western coalition command spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto, there were no fatalities among the American personnel. Several cars were damaged, but an inflammation was avoided.

Later the same day, the Americans subjected the neighborhood of Mayadin controlled by Syrian government troops and pro-Iranian militia units, to massive rocket and artillery shelling from their bases in al-Omar and Conoco. The pro-American Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) sprayed heavy machine-gun fire at the Euphrates River crossing in the village of Ash-Shkheel and the Syrian Baqras checkpoint in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor. Along with that, several American combat helicopters were cruising overhead at low altitude.

The Arab media do not mention whether the Americans or the Kurdish SDF has returned fire. There are also no reported casualties among the Syrian army.

On June 28, a farewell ceremony with the four killed militants arranged at the Baghdad airport saw representatives of the People's Militia of Iraq announce "their right to strike back as retaliation for the fallen heroes."

In turn, United Iraqi Army command spokesperson Yahya Rasool condemned the American command for the air raid against facilities of the Iraqi People's Militia at the al-Qaim border crossing, referring to the actions of Brother Jonathan as a "violation of sovereignty". It should be emphasized that this accusation is a blue dahlia and demonstrates exceptional resolve. It is unlikely that a speech to this effect could have appeared without approval of the country's top leadership.

Arab military and political analysts, commenting on the events related to the Americans' performance in Syria and Iraq, turn the spotlight on the fact that the Brother Jonathan has recently started performing "gendarme" functions, falling outside the scope of Western coalition's mission. In fact, they have curtailed persistent efforts to assist the Iraqi army in destroying the diehard terrorist groups detachments.

Local observers note that the Pentagon, unbeknownst to it, is "opening Pandora's box" in Syria and Iraq, forcing Shiite militias to intensify their armed struggle against the American military presence in these countries. At the same time, further conflict escalation may entail deployment of a broad guerrilla war against Pentagon's bases and other military facilities in the region.

The knot of confrontation with the Americans is gradually tightening: in both countries, there is a growing number of tribes dissatisfied with the performance of US military and their local allies.

The American presence can be only brought to a close following a large-scale struggle in the mentioned countries, with heavy US casualties.

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