US no longer needs pretexts to impose new sanctions against Russia / News / News agency Inforos
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US no longer needs pretexts to impose new sanctions against Russia

US no longer needs pretexts to impose new sanctions against Russia

The United States is no longer even trying to find any facts to use as a pretext to impose new sanctions against Russia, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on Thursday, commenting on the US State Department’s statements about keeping in place all the restrictions imposed over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction after achieving agreements with Germany.

"They [the US] don’t even need pretexts [to impose sanctions against Russia]. They maybe previously needed to invent reasons some time ago. Before that, they possibly needed some distorted facts <…> and even earlier they needed facts, and then the situation changed dramatically: they no longer need facts, distorted facts, triggers or reasons, nothing. If they deem it necessary, they will continue twisting international law and enter and leave bilateral agreements," TASS quoted her as saying.

On July 21, the United States and Germany reached an agreement on the Nord Stream 2 project. In particular, Washington admitted that the sanctions would not stop its implementation, while Berlin pledged to seek an extension of the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden said that Nord Stream 2 was 99% complete and it was impossible to stop its construction.

"Should Russia attempt to use energy as a weapon or commit further aggressive acts against Ukraine, Germany will take action at the national level and press for effective measures at the European level, including sanctions, to limit Russian export capabilities to Europe in the energy sector," the US State Department said in a statement after the agreement was reached.

The Russian side has repeatedly stated that it has never used energy resources as an instrument of pressure.

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