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Russians Name Friends and Foes: No Change in Attitude

Results of a public opinion poll conducted in Russia by the "Yury Levada Analytic Center" have been released. The figures show that Russians continue to name Latvia as the country most hostile to Russia, and Byelorussia as the friendliest one. Almost 50 percent of Russians consider Byelorussia one of the closest allies of their country.

Kazakhstan, China, Germany and India have also been traditionally named as the five topmost friends of our country. Over the past year, according to the "Levada Center", Russian citizens' attitude towards Kazakhstan and China has markedly improved. China for one has moved into the top five friends group.

Russians consider Latvia to be the most hostile country. Such is the opinion of 49 percent of the respondents. It is followed by Georgia, Lithuania, USA and Estonia. There has been no change in Russia's top five foes over the past year, notes the "Levada Center".
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