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Maskhadov's "Successor" Killed in Chechnya

Maskhadov's "Successor" Killed in Chechnya
The so-called "President of Ichkeria", Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, has been killed in the course of a special operation conducted in the Chechen town of Argun.

Sadulayev was declared a leader of the Chechen gunmen after the liquidation of Aslan Maskhadov on March 8, 2005. The information about Sadulayev's whereabouts is reported to have been sold by one of his closest associates for one dose of heroin.

Prime minister of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, says: "A man has sold out Sadulayev to us, their most trusted man, whom they thought to be one of them. He sold out Sadulayev for 1,500 Rubles. He needed one gram of heroin, so he sold out his leader for one gram of heroin".

According to R. Kadyrov, Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev arrived in Chechnya a week ago. Together with his accomplices, he planned to commit big terrorist attacks in Argun. The attacks were planned to coincide in time with the forthcoming G8 summit in St.-Petersburg.

The house where the "President of Ichkeria" was hiding was indicated by a local drug-addict who told the law-enforcement authorities that he had seen some gunmen moving in the town.

Then a number of households were identified where the gunmen might possibly be hiding. But first it was decided to check the information and not to make any big ambushes. Having searched the house, the militiamen and the Federal Security Service operatives first failed to discover the secret digging where Sadulayev was hiding and left the house, but for some reason decided to backtrack. In the meantime, Sadulayev had left his hiding place and, on seeing the operatives, opened fire. A local militiaman and a security service agent were killed.

Hearing the shooting, the Chechen militiamen and the security service personnel immediately surrounded the house. Shooting off, Sadulayev jumped out the window but got shot in the head.

A DNK check of the dead gunmen's chieftain will be carried out either in the Mozdok town hospital or in a laboratory in Rostov-on-the-Don. Meanwhile, Sadulayev's body has been identified already by the people who had known him in Argun. Besides, one of the Chechen gunmen's websites has reported the death of their "President".

Sadulayev is thought to be implicated in the kidnapping of "Medicins sans frontiers" mission head Kenneth Gluck and to have organized the terrorist attack in the Znamenskoye settlement.

Most probably, Sadulayev's vacancy as "President of Ichkeria" will be taken by Doku Umarov, notorious for having "starred" in the most bloody acts of terror. Till now, Umarov was "Vice-President of Ichkeria".
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