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Abkhazia Demands Recognition of Its Independence

Abkhazia Demands Recognition of Its Independence
Abkhazian parliament has called on all countries, including Russia, "to initiate without delay the process of officially recognizing the independence of the Republic of Abkhazia, which will be a cardinal solution of the most complicated problems existing not only in Abkhazia but across all the post-Soviet area". The statement was made by the People's Assembly of Abkhazia (parliament) on Wednesday.

The parliament of the self-proclaimed republic has also called on the UN, OSCE and other international organizations to cooperate in "cutting short the militaristic plans of the Georgian leadership and putting it back on the course of its internationally proclaimed legal obligations pledging not to resort to force and maintain peace in the region".

The People's Assembly of Abkhazia maintains that "defining the status of the Republic of Abkhazia is the exclusive right of the people residing at the moment on its territory". "We are not going to backtrack from the 'Act on the State Independence of the Republic of Abkhazia' passed by parliament based on the results of the referendum", reads the document.

Abkhazian parliament believes that a withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the conflict zones would lead Georgia to war.

The resolution on expelling Russian peacekeepers passed by Georgian parliament yesterday is "a road to another adventure, a road trodden witlessly by Georgian parliamentarians, leading Georgian people to a brink of a new war and bloodshed, while drawing in those who have for many years been asserting their right to freedom and independence", says the statement of the Abkhazian parliament.

The People's Assembly of Abkhazia notifies the Georgian side that if the resolution of Georgian parliament demanding a withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers should come into effect, Abkhazian MPs would urge the Abkhazian President to announce a walkout from the negotiating process.

As has been reported, on July 18 Georgian parliament passed a resolution "On the Peacekeeping Forces in the Conflict Zones" directing the government to initiate procedures for an early cessation of peacekeeping operations in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, annulment of the corresponding agreements and structures, and immediate withdrawal of the Russian peacekeeping forces deployed in the conflict zones in full compliance with the international agreements currently in force.
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