Louise Arbour: What is happening in Lebanon is war crimes / News / News agency Inforos
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Louise Arbour: What is happening in Lebanon is war crimes

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, has said that the events taking place in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza can be qualified as war crimes.

Noting that international law envisions mandatory protection of civilian population during armed conflicts, Ms. Louise Arbour said that "indiscriminate shelling of cities constitutes a foreseeable and unacceptable targeting of civilians".

"Similarly, the bombardment of sites with alleged military significance, but resulting invariably in the killing of innocent civilians, is unjustifiable", she said. L. Arbour also added that all sides involved in the conflict should observe the "principle of proportionality".

According to Red Cross data, since the beginning of the conflict in Lebanon (July 12) more than 180 people have been killed and over 650 wounded in that country.

In the course of Israeli air, ground and sea strikes, more than 100 Lebanese towns and villages came under fire.

According to the Red Cross, at the moment it is impossible to assess the number of refugees.

But, according to the information of Lebanese prime minister Fouad Signora, already 300 people died, over 1,000 were wounded and 500,000 abandoned their homes in the course of Israel's military operation in Lebanon.
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