S. Basayev's Aide Surrenders to Chechen Militia / News / News agency Inforos
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S. Basayev's Aide Surrenders to Chechen Militia

The former commander of an illegal armed detachment controlled by Shamil Basayev has surrendered to the Ministry of the Interior of the Chechen Republic, the ministry's spokesman Amin Deniyev told journalists. "As a result of intricate work done by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry, Makhm Elmurzayev, resident on the village of Tsa-Vedeno, has given himself up to the militia. Since early in 1995 and up to the end of the first military campaign, he served as a commandant with Shamil Basayev", said A. Deniyev.

"When the first military campaign had ended, Basayev appointed Elmurzayev head of the Tsa-Vedeno Administration, which post he occupied till the start of the second campaign", said the spokesman of the Chechen Ministry of the Interior, noting that Elmurzayev had also taken part in the attack on the town of Budennovsk in the mid-1990s.

According to A. Deniyev, "since the fall of 1999, Elmurzayev provided support to Basayev and his following. Lately, he stayed in Ingushetia". To get him to surrender, he said, "we had to work with the clergy, his kith and kin". Investigating procedures specified by law are underway.
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