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Madonna to Bring Her Scandalous Show to Moscow

September 11 the world-famous pop-music star Madonna will give a performance on the Vorobievy Hills, in front of the Moscow State University building. In Russia, like in a dozen of other European countries, the pop diva will present her show "Confession Tour". Earlier, the concert of the American superstar was supposed to take place in the Red Square, but later the venue was moved to the Vorobievy Hills. The stage is expected to be constructed in front of the Moscow State University building, and the spectators will be accommodated in the square adjoining the building.

The organization of the proposed trip of the "pop queen" to Russia was not without curious circumstances. Not only was the venue of the show open to question, but also it is still unknown what exactly organization had invited the singer to come to the Russian capital. The organizer of the tour was said to be "Sav Entertainment" company, which had already attempted to engage the singer a few years ago. However, the management of the company had not confirmed this information. According to later reports, the show is being organized on the Russian side by "NCA" company from St.-Petersburg.

The Moscow concert is expected to attract a great number of Madonna's fans, but tickets have not yet come on sale. An "NCA" spokesman has said they are still being printed.

Madonna's concert tour was launched last May and has caused a big rush for tickets. Critics believe that the interest for the tour in support of the album "Confession on a Dance Floor" was caused not only by the scandalous popularity of the star, who had not been giving concerts for about five years, but also due to the church strongly criticizing certain elements of the show.

The church is especially indignant about the singer descending to the stage from a crucifix at the very beginning of the show. Nevertheless, Madonna remains a superstar in the world of pop-music, as she was nominated for 5 prizes at the latest MTV award presentation, including the nomination for the best performer, while a video-clip of the song "Hung up" may be awarded as the best video-clip of the year.
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