US sanctions against Russian military-industrial complex will not affect its operation / News / News agency Inforos
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US sanctions against Russian military-industrial complex will not affect its operation

The sanctions imposed by the United States on Russian "Rosoboronexport" company will not affect its operation, says general director of that state-owned arms export company Sergei Chemezov.

"We have no contracts with the US on arms supplies to Russia or purchase by the US of any Russian weapons and their components. Therefore, the sanctions will not affect us in any way", he said, noting that the amount of orders received so far by "Rosoboronexport" has exceeded $21 billion.

July 25 the US administration decided that some companies of the Russian defense complex are guilty of violating the law, approved by US Congress, on prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction to Iran. According to a US statement, the companies were involved in supplying Iran with "equipment and technologies" that might potentially contribute to the development of weapons of mass destruction, cruise or ballistic missiles in Iran.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the sanctions "another unlawful attempt to make foreign companies operate according to internal US rules".

For his turn, Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Ivanov said that the sanctions imposed by the US leadership "have no relation whatsoever to the non-proliferation issue".

After the imposition of sanctions, US state corporations are prohibited, during two years, to sell "Rosoboronexport" and "Sukhoi" aircraft building company or to buy from them any goods, while private US companies are not to supply any military or double-use products to the Russian companies. The Russian newspaper "Vedomosti" writes that the sanctions would have no effect on Sukhoi's business, but "Rosoboronexport" would have to look for new buyers of Russian titanium, as its supply to Boeing may become outlawed.

According to an opinion voiced in circles proximate to the Russian military-industrial complex, in reality Russia is being "punished" for the recent deals to supply arms and equipment, including 24 fighters Su-30 and a large consignment of Kalashnikov submachine-guns, to Venezuela, as well as air defense equipment to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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