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US sailor was selling nuclear secrets

US authorities arrested a US Navy sailor on charges of espionage for third countries.

Sources in Israel say that Israel and Russia are involved in the spy scandal. Both these countries have denied any involvement in the case.

The US Navy sailor, Ariel Weinmann, is held in custody at a military base in Virginia. He is charged with espionage and desertion. A, Weinmann was apprehended at Dallas Airport where he arrived from an unnamed "foreign country". Earlier he had been on an official list of army deserters.

"The Jerusalem Post" newspaper has found out that A. Weinmann arrived in the United States from Israel. Its source in the Pentagon asserts that earlier the sailor had been meeting in Bahrain with Russian intelligence agents.

A, Weinmann was assigned to the "Los Angeles"-class nuclear submarine "Albuquerque". Last summer he managed to copy secret information onto his notebook and desert from the ship. A month later the sailor passed the gathered intelligence to an unidentified person in Vienna, Austria. The notebook with the secret data belonging to US government has never been found.
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