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Georgia: G. Khaindrava Joins Opposition

The former Georgian state minister for the settlement of conflicts, Georgi Khaindrava, has joined the opposition and accused the government of "violation of human rights and interference in the work of judiciary bodies". "At present there is no independent judicature in this country, and judges are often made to carry out directives of the authorities", said Saakashvili's former close associate. He urged the Georgian leader to take personal control of the operation of law-enforcement bodies and not to allow them to overstep their authority.

After his sacking from the post of minister for the settlement of conflicts late in July, G. Khaindrava became one of the top managers of Georgian non-governmental human rights organization "Institute of Equality".

Before going into politics, G. Khaindrava was a well-known movie producer and after his sacking has repeatedly said that he wanted to return to work in the movie industry.
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