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Details of the biggest antiterrorist operation in Great Britain

Details of the biggest antiterrorist operation in Great Britain
The British secret service has been watching the would-be terrorists since December last year. As has been reported, yesterday British authorities foiled a series of large-scale terrorist attacks on airlines. More than 20 suspects have been arrested in London on suspicion of complicity in blowing up passenger aircraft in mid-flight over the Atlantic.

Up to 50 people were involved in the terror plot envisioning a momentary mass-killing of passengers flying to the United States. The British Home Minister has said that the main plotters have been arrested already and are no threat to society.

Western sources report that it has become possible to uncover the criminal plans of the extremists thanks to a secret agent infiltrated in the terrorist underground. He has been supplying information about the run of the preparations for the large-scale terrorist attacks.

The signal for the start of the active phase of the antiterrorist operation was information received from Pakistan about the terrorists' intention to carry out their plans soon. The plotters were going to rehearse their boarding passenger aircraft before Friday and carry out suicide bombing of the planes within a few days.

Reportedly, the extremists had not yet bought air tickets and were just selecting suitable flights to coincide in time schedules. They wanted the planes to explode in mid-flight at about the same time. The fact that the terrible crime was to be committed shortly is corroborated by the video recordings, found at the home of one of the suspects, showing two suicide-bombers bidding farewell to their relatives. The recordings were to be made public after completion of the series of terrorist attacks.

The identities of most of the detained terrorists, which were kept secret, became known because the Bank of England divulged the names of 19 persons whose bank accounts had been arrested in the course of the special operation of the British police and MI-5 counterintelligence service. Most of them are residents of London, born in Great Britain, but of Pakistani descent. The youngest of them is 17, the oldest 35. Authorities have no official comment on this information.
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