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Human Rights Activists Accuse Israel of War Crimes

Yesterday influential international human rights organization "Amnesty International" accused the Israeli army of intentionally striking at civilian population and infrastructure facilities during the military operation in Lebanon.

"Amnesty International" does not rule out that the Israeli leaders and army command have committed war crimes such as bombing food stores, humanitarian aid convoys, medical facilities, power stations and water-treatment installations.

Based on the statistical data they gathered, human rights activists write in their report that the Israeli military operation in Lebanon led to the loss of 1,100 human lives (a third of them being children), while 970,000 people (about 25 percent of the country's population) had to seek refuge in the north of Lebanon. 31 key facilities of civilian infrastructure, including airports, power stations, water-treatment installations, 80 bridges and 94 roads were destroyed in full or in part. and 30,000 houses, office buildings and shops were razed to the ground.

Top officials in Tel-Aviv claim that the Israeli army was striking only at "Hezbollah" positions and all the damage inflicted on Lebanon's infrastructure was purely accidental or caused by the gunmen using civilians as a "human shield". However, "Amnesty International" says that the scale of destruction and the number of human casualties make such explanations unconvincing.

The damage inflicted on Lebanon is estimated at $3.5 billion, with $2 billion falling on the destroyed buildings and $1.5 billion on infrastructure. "Amnesty International" has demanded that the UN open an immediate independent enquiry into violations of the international humanitarian right, perpetrated, according to "Amnesty International", by both sides.

The Israeli army has repeatedly denied having stricken at Lebanese civilians, while claiming that the civilian population was strongly advised to leave the south of the country and that "Hezbollah" was using the residential areas for rocket attacks on Israeli settlements.
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