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Hitler turns up in India...

A new restaurant named "Hitler's Cross" opened in the Indian city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

The restaurant adorned with a swastika and Hitler's portraits was opened to the tune of Nazi marches. The event has stirred up passions in India's Jewish community, and Israel's official representatives in that country have already called on Mumbai's authorities to get the name of the restaurant changed.

"We hope that Hitler, as a man responsible for genocide, must not be rehabilitated under any pretext", said Daniel Zokhar Zonshin, Israel's consul-general in Mumbai.

For their turn, the owners of the restaurant claim that they used Hitler's name to get their joint distinguished from the thousands of other restaurants in the city. The restaurateurs say they have no intention to promote Nazi ideology in any way or rehabilitate the fascist leader, so they are not going to change the name of the place. What is more, they intend to shortly open several restaurants of the same name in other Indian cities.
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