Terrorists Blow up Holiday Season in Turkey / News / News agency Inforos
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Terrorists Blow up Holiday Season in Turkey

Terrorists Blow up Holiday Season in Turkey
Four blasts rocked Turkish cities last night. Three terrorist attacks occurred at the holiday resort of Marmaris, and one at the administrative and trade center of Istanbul.

10 British citizens have been injured in the blasts, 4 of them seriously. According to the Russian embassy in Ankara, there are no Russian casualties.

A total of 4 people died in the blasts, and 21 got wounded, 10 of them being foreigners and 11 Turkish citizens, while the nationality of 2 of the victims is being ascertained. Six people were wounded in Istanbul.

The first blast occurred in a minibus in the center of the holiday resort of Marmaris. Police believe that the explosive device was attached to the bottom of the vehicle and set off remotely. 15 people were wounded. All the victims have been taken to the "Ahu Hetman" Hospital, and 9 of them were soon released after getting the required medical assistance.

Later, two more explosions occurred on the central streets of the holiday resort. The explosive devices were planted in rubbish bins. Six people got wounded.

Large-scale security measures have been taken in the province of Mugla, with the police hunting for the perpetrators hot on the trail. According to one of the versions, the blasts might have been made by militants of the outlawed Kurdish Workers' Party that had repeatedly claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks at Turkish resorts. The authorities of the province are doing all they can to prevent panic among the population and holidaymakers in Marmaris.

In Istanbul, the blast rocked one of the city's downtown quarters, Bagjilar. The perpetrators left the explosive device in a plastic packet in the street near a school building. Six people were wounded, all of them Turkish citizens. At present the condition of all of them is satisfactory. Police in Istanbul has opened an investigation.

So far, no known Turkish radical group has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Marmaris and Istanbul.
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