Bush shirks holding a public dialog with Ahmadi-Nejad / News / News agency Inforos
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Bush shirks holding a public dialog with Ahmadi-Nejad

The White House has turned down Ahmadi-Nejad's offer to hold a televised debate between the leaders of the two countries. The Iranian President made the offer yesterday during his much-advertised press-conference in Tehran. A spokeswoman for the Bush administration, Dana Perino, has said that Ahmadi-Nejad's offer is an attempt to distract the attention of the world community from the really disturbing aspects of Iran's policies, such as the support of terrorism and the drive to get a nuclear potential of its own.

The Iranian President offered its US counterpart, George Bush, to hold a televised debate on the present-day global issues, noting that, in case of a positive decision, the debate must not be censored for US audiences.

At present, the US and Iran have no diplomatic relations or any contacts at the level of governments or heads of state. A recent resolution adopted by the UN Security Council calls for Iran to end, by August 31, its work on uranium enrichment, failing which international sanctions would be imposed on that country.
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